Thursday, 23 April 2015

Who are you hanging with?

In this month of Spring Cleaning for Change, we need to search every area of our lives.

Do you like to be where the action is....the limelight that is? Walking the red carpet of 'attention seeking behaviour' hoping others will see what you do, rather than who you are.

Who needs your support?

Doing good really feels great and is great! A spring clean of the heart.

In the Bible, Jesus sought out Prostitutes, Tax-Collectors, Samaritans, ignorant Fishermen, the sick (Lepers), Women, the demon-possessed, in fact anyone who was shunned or actively rejected by religious leaders.

Let's clean ourselves out by 'hanging out' with the right crowd.
Do you know anyone who is sick, either at home or in hospital? How about a person who needs someone to talk to? Someone with a listening ear rather than a 'Judge & Jury'.

Who in your family has been rejected?  Who at work has been left on the side lines of life, spiralling down under the pressure of loneliness?

Are you a giver or a taker?

Look around....are your people, like your people? in other words, friends who are similar to you. It's all comfortable, no real challenge.

Who are you hanging out with?

If you're a taker, find some givers. If you're a giver, find a taker.  Creating different kinds of friendships cleans out the dross of poor judgements, prejudices, pride, selfishness, ignorance, lack of faith, intolerance and lack of Love.

Warning: If you hang with haters (nasty to you or others), RUN!
Run as fast as you can away, far away. You deserve better.

Who are you hanging with?

I describe............................You decide!

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