Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Do you accept yourself?

I attended an event where everyone was told to 'be free'. To express ourselves in whatever way we wanted. In fact, the invite let us all know in advance that this was to be the format.

Once the event started, 95% of attendees stood still, looking around or standing nervously. Some sat on the chairs provided for resting as required. This was only the beginning of the event.

I observed (as one of a series of facilitators) that attendees were unsettled. I realised they had not fully accepted they were 'free'. They waited for direction, instruction or confirmation that they were in fact 'free to be'.

As facilitators, we encouraged and we empowered but in the end, we had to show what it looked like to be free. Attendees began to get loose, be loose, be free. They began to realise that they truly were free to express themselves. They began to accept 'freedom'. They began to accept themselves. It was ok. They were ok.

Do you accept yourself?
Accepting all of who you are?

These attendees were free, even before they walked into the event but did they accept themselves?

  • Why did you do that?
  • What are you saying?
  • Who are you?
  • Where are you going?
  • When did you decide on this?

Some people accept us for who they want us to be, 'Be sensible', 'I thought you were my friend', 'Why not go for a drink?', 'I always looked up to you'.

  • They want a peer, so don't move higher or lower
  • They want a mentor, so don't ever be down or make a mistake
  • They want a mentee, so don't ever become empowered beyond where they are
A few people accept us, just the way we are
  • It's ok to be successful
  • It's ok to fail sometimes
They accept us and do not put any demands or unfair expectations upon us.


Whether some accept us or some don't accept us, do we accept ourselves?
You are enough, just as you are. Of course, we all grow and change. Of course, we fall or fail too.

There's beauty and magnitude within you (see my blog re Giants), not to crush others but to lift them up, walk with them, to be an advocate or simply to be an example.

Do you accept yourself?

Accept yourself - Do it yourself for yourself.

It's not selfish, it's self-care!

I describe......................You decide.

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