Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wake up...You are a giant!

This is a speech I gave a few years ago. It still seems appropriate today.

  1. Wake up! Wake up! No snoozing.
  2. Who are you? Why are you here?
  3. Who are you really, deep on the inside?
  4. If you are here, alive today......You are a giant!
  5. Giant (in case you're not sure) is a person of outstanding size or srength; a person of outstanding importance or achievement.
  6. The Giant versus A Giant - You are 'the' giant, specifically and uniquely YOU!
  7. Wake up......what is inside you that was dormant until now?
  8. You know it's there. You know it's BIG!
  9. Like me....were you afraid...of yourself, your power, your love?
  10. You are not a giant built to kill others but a giant to live, to love, to give and to protect!
Wake up! Can you smell the coffee?

Based on the bible story of David & Goliath;
Goliath looked like a giant, sounded like a giant.  He had a big voice but was he a giant inside?
David looked little, looked crazy, sounded crazy..'taking on a giant, really? BUT, he was the giant inside! "I will kill you and take off your head".  He did it, just as he promised he would.

Welcome giants!
I feel sorry for the unprepared who will meet you from this moment on!

I describe.............You decide.


  1. I woke up my giant years ago and yes it's true I know that people don't like the giant I am but it makes no difference I'm still that giant.
    Love it

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  3. Thank you for the reminder De Skribe, your blog fed my soul and rightly so. Yes! I am a Giant because God said that I am, it's a done deal. God is not a liar. What you have freely gifted is the 'real truth'. In the beginning God purposed me. Everything that He created He SPOKE. He WOKE/ACTIVATED UP that thing He purposed. That thing came into being (put simply 'It Just Is') and God said that it was good. ​until recently, I rejected this 'real God truth', now however, I realise that my very life depends on my Giant within coming out and just Being in God and not being 'afraid of their faces' (Jeremiah 1​:8).

    For me it is to SPEAK, truth and love as God says.....Either way your ten points; 1-10 or 10-1 has a GIANT impact......BOOM!

    God Bless