Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring Clean Too - What's missing in your life?

Have a look around, a careful look.....what's missing?

I believe.....Life is what you make it.

So, what is missing in your life?

Laughter? Make yourself laugh. You know what puts a smile on your face. You don't need to wait for anyone else to do it for you. What makes you laugh out loud? Just do it yourself.  Think 'funny', think smile, laugh until it hits your belly. It feels good, really good. Give it a go! What's missing in your life?

Quiet? Create a time and space for yourself. Try 60 seconds, then 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins until you have the time you need to be quiet. Be still and know......what's missing in your life?

Friends - Too many? Gain more time by letting go. Release the friends you really don't need to see any more. Too few? Look for the lost. Be friendly and you will get more friends. Really! Whose missing in your life?

Freshness? Do something 'new'. Something, you have not done before. Try a cold shower - that's fresh! Revisit an idea you had as a child. Do it now. Nervous, take baby steps toward your idea or strategically leap in wisdom. That will get you fresh quickly! Don't die with regrets - get fresh. What's missing in your life?

Money? Think about your money in new way!  money issues can push you to be financially sound.   Think about it. Learn how to manage your's not natural (except to those it comes naturally to, of course). Ask a friend (they must be a good money manager) or search for tips and bits online. Whats missing in your life?

Provocation? A little bit of hate does wonders for your confidence. Knock it....No! I mean, build you up. If you let it, hate can motivate you to be better, do better, to really love yourself. No one else can love you, like you can. A big bit of love does wonders too for your confidence. Can you receive love? Are you able to give conditions, simply love from the heart? Provoke yourself to be your best self and provoke others to love too. What's missing in your life?

Spouse? Look around..there are so many beautiful people who are full of love around the world...don't limit yourself, don't get desperate...get new friends, a new life and a new level of love, not sex! Don't make a list for someone else...make a list for yourself. What's missing in your life?

Children - Are you really ready for that level of commitment, responsibility and stability? Whether you are male or female, try fostering first....that's a good start. Don't start a relationship you cannot sustain. Love is important. Care is essential. Bottom line..don't come as you are. Come better than you are. Children need it. What's missing in your life?

Jesus? Get a copy of the Bible and start reading! Proverbs is a good place to's the book of wisdom. What's missing in your life?

I describe............You decide! What's missing?

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