Monday, 31 December 2012

A Chain of Events.....Endings

The end of the year upon us (in the UK) in a few minutes time.

How will it end..?

How has it ended for you?
Every year i always come across people who say that the year, regardless of it's number was terrible and they are glad it's over! Some say it went quickly and they cannot believe it's gone!!!

Here in the UK, many will be sad to see it go because it was so exciting with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

There are many who are happy it is the last day of the year and look forward to making plans so their next year is better......really?? Have they achieved it previously???

The year will be ending as it started with a day of 24 hours...some of it daytime and some of it night......because of it's number many of us behave differently but let's get is just another day! Now don't get me wrong,,,,I love the holiday season and all it's celebrations but we can sometimes make a drama out of the ordinary!

I feel we should celebrate every day or whatever days we would like....some people have not lived to see today or may not see tomorrow.... Let's not take it for granted, let's not waste it, let's end it well.

Celebrate our achievements! we all had waking up in the morning, having a sound mind, having a roof over our heads, having family, having water to drink or food to eat...having a friend,,,,,having a pet! In fact, if you can read can be thankful for that..the ability to read, use a computer, to understand, to think, to see, to walk away.

I think this year was a long as the previous year and as short as the previous year. Next year will be the same, whether i get there or not!

The greatest thing about the New Year is that it is a blank canvas which we can use whichever way we want...YES, there is always a choice....

Let's end this one well..........and meet on the other side of the day in 2013.....come follow me... I describe, YOU decide!!!

Congratulations...YOU HAVE MADE IT!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ten Life Less-ons

1. Less on Others
More on YOU

2. Less on Hate
More on Love

3. Less on Isolation
More on Conversation

4. Less on Taking
More on Giving

5. Less on Dis-empower
More on Empowering

6. Less on Money
More on Wealth of Character

7. Less on Complaining
More on Complimenting

8. Less on Imitating
More on Reality (but not TV)

9. Less on Confusion
More on Focussing

10.Less on Disappointments
More on Appointments

Ten Life Less-ons just for YOU!

I describe....YOU decide!