Saturday, 22 November 2014

One mouth is really enough!

What we allow to come out of our mouths could get us into problems.

'Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never harm me...'*
What!....Who wrote that?

Have you ever said something that you regret? Sometimes our words can cause distress, sometimes we over-promise or break a promise. Sometimes, we may say something which has a devastating effect for someone else.

Jeph was having a hard time. He was not a popular guy. He worked with colleagues who really did not like him but they needed his help to deal with a problem. They recognised he was the right man to lead them to success, so reluctantly they asked him to help.

It was a really big problem, so Jeph felt he needed a bit of help, as he did not want to flop with his colleagues right behind him. He said a little prayer promising that if he was successful, he would sacrifice the first thing that came out of his house.
Why would someone say that?

Well...I'm sure you can imagine what happened next, yes! he was successful. He was so very happy. Everyone was happy!

Ever had a great day at work? You have clearly won and your 'haters' can see your victory. How happy would you be?

Jeph arrived home. Someone was running out to greet him.......The first person out the door, dancing with joy, was his only daughter. Her dad was back, safe and sound. Dad was her hero. Jeph tore at his clothes. He fell to the ground.

What would you do? what would you say?

Jeph explained what he had done...he had made a wild, rash promise to guarantee his success.

One mouth is really enough for each of us.

If there is anything you need to apologise for...why not apologise?

Words can hurt but they can also lift. We all know it, we may expect it but do we express it to those around us?

What can you do today, to lift yourself? Who can you encourage unconditionally?

Jeph surprisingly with his daughters agreement, fulfilled his promise. They had lived in Biblical times (Judges 11) but what a lesson to learn!

Let's all watch what we say. It may not be as damning as Jeph's story but it might hurt just as much!

We have two eyes, two ears but I think 'One mouth is really more than enough'.

I describe.......You decide.

*An old Nursery Rhyme - author unknown.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Are you the One?

It only takes one of us to stand up for good,
It only takes one of us to stand up for love
It only takes one of us to jump for joy.
It only takes one of us to start a smile revolution.
It only takes one of us to seek peace.
It only takes one of us to stay humble.
It only takes one of us to 'get it together'....fix our life.
It only takes one of us to speak truth.

It only takes one to create.
It only takes one to get up!
It only takes one to give; to share.
It only takes one...

Richard Branson is one,
Steve Jobs was one
Oprah is one
Simon Cowell is one
Maya Angelou was one
Gandhi was one
Vivienne Westwood is one
Nelson Mandela was one
Mother Theresa was one
Jesus Christ is one

Am I one?
Are you one?

Look around...are you moving?

It only takes one!