Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Spring Clean for Change

Spring is finally here again and it feels great! A time of change...newness, freshness, greenness, cleanliness.

Spring Cleaning is defined as 'a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in Spring..' (Google dictionary)

Spring is a great time to consider spring cleaning ourselves. 

A Spring Clean for Change;
  • Our Appearance
  • How we Think
  • Our Behaviour
  • How we Speak
  • Our Attire
  • What we do

We may not need to spring clean every area but we should check just in case we do. You never know where the cobwebs or dust could be building up. Check everywhere.

What do you need for your Spring clean?
 A new wardrobe. Exercise. A new eating program. Advice. Support. Left alone to meditate. To pray. New learning material. To sleep more. Positive thinking

When will you start?
Now is a good time as any..'start as you mean to go on'. Select a specific date.

Does everything need cleaning?
What are you thinking right now? Do you need to renew your mind daily (Bible - Romans 12:2). Do you need to detox?

Do you still use it?
Maybe a skill you've learnt many years ago. Certain words. The leather watch. Those winter boots. What others think of you?

Do you need to let it go?
The false beliefs about yourself. Worrying. Too much work. Being too friendly. Being too serious. Unbelief.

Do you need to replace or upgrade it?
Your mattress for a better night's sleep. Your spectacles or contact lenses. Your health regimen. Your lifestyle.

Or do you need to make space by decluttering?
Memories that you should have left in the past long ago and move forward. Friends who are no longer friends but familiar people taking up a lot of time.

Spring Clean for change before change cleans you out!

I describe........................You decide!

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