Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bitter or Better?

1. A friend betrays your trust
2. Are you bitter or better?

1. Someone close to you dies
2. Are you bitter or better?

1. You fail an exam or assessment
2. Are you bitter or better?

1a. You lose your job (scrap can you lose your job....where did it go?) Reword it!
1b. Have you been released from work?
2. Are you bitter or better?

1. Someone physically assaults you
2. Are you bitter or better?

1. Your love is rejected
2. Are you bitter or better?

1. Restricted from being yourself?
2. Are you bitter or better?

You may not be able to do much about point 1 in each series of statements above but you can do something about point 2 of each one.

The small changes made in your life, can create a BIG impact.

Only one letter changes 'bitter' to 'better'. One letter makes the difference;
I = insecure; insular; isolated; idol; inferiority (complex); indignant; insensitive; ignorant; injured; immobilised.

E = embrace; empower; enjoy; elate; eager; energise; excellence; empathic; earnest; engaging.

We can improve our lives by starting with one small change.

Improve your language.
Speak in the positive. Speak in truth's. Speak in facts not fiction - STOP telling stories. Be real. It may be uncomfortable at the start BUT the liberation feels amazing as you begin to embrace yourself. Speak Better - Become Better!

Change your image.
Dress in who you aspire to be. How you dress, sends messages. What do you want to say? Say it through your clothes. If you believe it, others will too. Improve your image - Become Better!

Sniff up
What do your scents say about you? Try different scents on you, in your home and in your laundry. See how it affects you. Smell Better - Become Better!

Eating well?
Try something new; Try a healthy food; Try a luxury item - treat yourself better.
Eat Better - Become Better!

Make an Exchange
Are you doing what you were created to do? Are you being you? Search yourself - is there any bitterness in you? Change it to better. No job - find one yourself! Need help - ask! Loving those who don't want it? Find those who need love. Volunteer, Learn, Seek knowledge, Give, Declutter, Clean up, Renew, Revise, Resolve, Review.

'Bitterness destroys the vessel it is in, not the vessel it is aimed at' (adapted from a Mark Twain quote.)

I describe decide!

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  1. Absolutely Brilliant and thank you De Skribe. The choice is mine to be brilliantly Better.....BOOM!