Monday, 1 October 2012

What is Normal?

Is there such a thing or state as normal? Is your normal the same as everyone else's normal?

A female having a child at 10 years old or at 60 years old, which is normal?

Are these examples what you recognise as normal behaviour?
A man and woman in love or Two men in love,
A woman who does not want children or a man with four wives,
Someone who wants to kill or someone who wants to save lives,
Men wearing trousers or women wearing trousers,
Women wearing skirts or men wearing skirts,
A child running a business
A child married to an adult,
A man circumcised or a woman circumcised,

To eat worms, to eat cows, to eat flies, to eat fish, to eat ants, to eat snakes, to eat snails,
To eat alligators, to eat kangaroos, to eat eggs, to eat grass, to eat nothing!

To drink Alcohol, to drink milk, to drink water, to drink blood!

Is this really normal behaviour?

Having sex before marriage, having sex in marriage, having sex outside of marriage - what is normal.....?

Wives and husbands divorcing, children divorcing this normal where you are?

What is normal in one country is not normal in another,,,, in fact it could be illegal? Ok, let's come closer to home. What have you done today...was it normal?
Is it normal because everyone agrees it is normal or because no one challenges you on it? Is it normal because it is what is expected of you?
Are you normal? Is what you do normal? What is normal?

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  1. Ah brilliant post and hard to answer but I will have a go. I guess in one way it's like conforming to the majority in regards to our own religion, beliefs, culture, morals, ethics etc etc ...
    It seems that when we see others doing something that is totally different from what we call normal, we can become very uncomfortable sometimes due to a lack of understanding. A good example would be the foods we eat around the world - people become so disgusted and offended because another culture eats dogs/cats, why? because it is not normal in their own culture where the same dogs/cats are used as pets.

    But turn this same example on it's head, Is it normal to have animals as pets anyway? or should they be roaming around freely?

    You see, we all live by a set of rules/regulations on how to behave, what is right or good to eat, what to wear, who to marry, when to marry and the list is endless. Move away from that and you are labeled in a negative way by many for not conforming. I'm rambling now, but gave it my best shot.

    Your post has opened up a can of worms and I can't get the lid back on.