Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ugly Duckling or Swan - do you need to make a move?

Have you ever felt 'different' or seen someone who looked 'odd one out'?

In the story of the 'Ugly Duckling', a family of ducks became quickly aware that one of them looked different...uglier than all the others.
C'mon we all know that feeling....you walk into a room and you feel uncomfortable, you look different or sound different in other words....you are different!
What do you do? How do you adjust.....Can you fit in?

The 'Ugly Duckling' could not fit in with it's family. It was different...there was no changing that!!

Is your difference something you can change?
YES!..well, do you want to change? Do you know how to? If you're not sure, why not add a question or comment below...you could get some great ideas? But, be sure you want to change....or
NO!.. you're unable to change your difference, then why not embrace it? Maybe you need to change your group,your job or your environment?

Are you a Swan....in the wrong place at the wrong time? or Are you in the right place but 'leader of the pack'?...Which is why you're different.....beautiful? LOOK around you....maybe your 'type' is in another group...close by.

As the 'Ugly Duckling' grew, it became a beautiful Swan....it realised it was a Swan, when it saw the other swans and it's own reflection in the water.  Maybe, you don't fit in because you haven't realised.....the group you're in is not YOUR group...Have you looked in the water? Can you see your image?.............so MOVE!!!!

If a swan lives with ducks or a duck lives with swans, both appear really ugly or really beautiful! You will either have 'haters' or 'admirers'....most of us have both.....but are we in the right place for us?

At first, you may feel ugly and stay in the background.... but as you grow and understand yourself...you will realise Ugly Duckling or Swan....If you are in the right place for you...YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A SWAN = BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME!

Changed position? - tell me about it....Need to change?....ask me about it?....So Move!

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  1. This is a good one for all those that have been labeled misfits etc. It shows us that perhaps fitting in, which is such a concern to many and is the source of so much anxiety may not be the highest path in life. But being true and authentic to yourself is always indispensable.