Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Love......It's unconditional!

Can we really give 'Unconditional Love'?
Do we know how to receive it?
Do we really understand it?

Some of us think we love unconditionally but..... do we?

Many times, what we think is unconditional love has conditions attached;

We love if..
  • Our spouse is faithful
  • Our partner has a job
  • Our partner has money,  a house or a car
  • Our children behave
  • Our children get great exam results
  • A person loves us back
  • They are kind or protect us
  • They promise not to lie to us
  • They are good looking
  • They are clean looking
  • They are the same race, gender, age or religion as us
  • They will be our friend
  • They will call us back!

But unconditional love (also known as Agape Love) is.....
  • Even if you never marry me...It may hurt but I'll understand eventually
  • Even when you've been unfaithful.....Let's talk
  • Even when you're unemployed or broke.....We can work it out
  • Even when the children misbehave.... Everyone makes mistakes, what have they learnt?
  • Even when you fail your exams....try again or try something different
  • Even if no one loves me back... I will be loving
  • Even if no one is kind or protective...I will be kind
  • Even if you tell lies....Stop & be honest even if it's uncomfortable, you can do it!
  • Even if you look dirty or are dirty.....Would you like help to get cleaned up?
  • Even if you are of another race, gender, age or religion...Difference is a beautiful thing
  • Even if you are my enemy......It won't stop be loving
  • Even if you never call me back..
I love you!


  1. True love is unconditional, else it's no love at all Amen

  2. True love is unconditional, else it's no love at all Amen