Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Friends - Not a tick box exercise!

What makes a great friend, a real one? The ones that know stuff about you....real stuff and they stay friends regardless. They are solid, dependable, honest, supportive not perfect...but real!

Let me introduce you to some of mine;

The Time Lord
A wonderful man of great truth and personal power. He is an effective listener. A truth advisor. He operates outside of time, inside time, behind time and ahead of time. He is innovative and dynamic. In my deepest pain, he stood like a silent commander awaiting a request to help, to support. When called he came promptly. When not, he respected my space. When he was moved, he created what was needed to display his feelings, his unspoken words, his heart.

'There's no time like the present' and he is a 'present'. Words cannot readily encapsulate who he is, his whole person. He is one of those friends who puts a smile on your face, even when he is not around. A friend to love as a brother no more or less. A gentleman. A real man.

'To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven'
(Eccelesiates 3:1 Bible)

In short: He is a musical beat, set at Maximum level.

Seen and unseen. The kind of friend who is always there but not everyone sees them. She encouraged, supported, counselled, helped...is she really real? Only she can tell us!
She brings messages of good news from near and far..and I don't mean gossip. She too always responds when called upon. She's not pushy. She can easily be hard like flint, yet soft as a flurry of feathers scented with Lavender all within a short space of time. She is the friend you call for coffee and a serious chat. She will sit with you while you unpick a dilemma. She supports whatever the outcome will be. She's a friend 'under construction' but has been a great friend regardless.

'The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them.'(Psalm 34:7 Bible)

In short: She is an Angel who is still 'finding herself'. When she does, she will be dynamite!

The Bodyguard
Words fail me with this friend at the moment. Well, not literally of course. God put us together. Wow, Wow, Wow! What a power house she is. She is a sister, a tower of strength, a bodyguard. She is discreet, accomplished, funny, soft, highly trained, she is my safety net. I don't lean but sometimes i leap, and she's got my back. She can make herself available around the clock. She has family and is family.

'By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.' (John 13:35 Bible)

In short: She's tough with a soft centre. Need I say more...I don't think so.

Fashionista Evangelista
She loves Fashion. She loves souls. Her desire is that everyone is saved. She loves challenging boundaries whether in Fashion or as a believer.

She's cool, she's blond, she's not 'a bombshell', she's the bomb...1..2...3 Bang! A friend with a difference. She has Style, She has faith, She has conviction!

'And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.' (Luke 18:27)

In short: A sister who's an A-lister. She walks the red carpet and wants everyone to at least have the experience.

Ella Ganz
The prayer Diva. She prays with the style of the French. She is always fresh and new. She gives good counsel and equally a good listener. She is softly spoken with a direct approach when necessary. She has flair. She loves everything french. She will cover you in prayer at the 'drop of a hat'..a top hat (smile).

She cares. She will cry with you, then laugh with you, then she will sing to you. She can be still with you. She can write a poem in the silence of your thoughts. She is elegant, she loves colour, she loves luxury, she loves God.

She 'prays without ceasing' (1 Thessalonians 5:17 Bible)

In short: If you are in a mess...she will help you clean it up.

I thank God for making these beautiful people called Friends....my friends.
They along with my family have helped to make me who I am today. They love me, they challenge me, they support me, they frustrate me, they cry with me, they laugh with me, they have stood with me through the worst and best of times.

Q. Have you taken the time to give your friends a tribute?
Why not write a tribute to your 'real' friends or tell them face to face. They will love it and you will feel the love too.

'A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.' (Proverbs 17:17 Bible)

In short: My friends will be given this blog to keep, because I love them all. They are special people.

I describe...........you decide.


  1. This is a true expression of love. Try now to imagine how God loves us after reading this. Em I agree now thats hard to fathom now rite but it's true if we as people cam describe love in such a great way imagine how God love us. Again. I say wow

  2. Thank you De Skribe. I appreciate your public recognition and legacy of being a 'real' friend given in spirit and in truth but most of all in the power of love. I hear you!