Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I believe in YOU!

Yes, I believe in YOU.....do YOU believe in YOU?

I believe YOU exist.......I believe YOU can read.

I believe YOU have worth....YOU are alive, YOU are valuable and have values.

I believe YOU were intrigued by the title of this blog...

Yes, I believe in YOU...........Do YOU believe in YOU?

I believe YOU are love and are lovable and can love. Do YOU love? Do YOU show love?

I believe YOU are great! YOU were great before YOU were born....that swim to the egg proved YOU are a success....a tremendous success...Are YOU living a successful life?

I believe YOU are unique..there is no one like YOU anywhere in the world...is there? No, there is no one like YOU (not even a twin, triplet etc). On many occasions YOU will think differently....are YOU strange or unique? i believe YOU are unique......different in fact! Can YOU handle it or do YOU hide it?

I believe YOU are creative.....everyone has created something, a thought, a word, a pause, a smile, an item, a behaviour, a relationship, an enemy, a moment of silence, a picture etc. I believe in YOU.......do YOU believe in YOU?

I believe YOU have experienced pain.....but YOU survived it....YOU endured it..YOU can talk about it, if YOU want to.

I also believe YOU have hurt someone, whether you know it or not. I believe in YOU.....do YOU believe in YOU?

I believe YOU can laugh and make others laugh or at least smile...Do YOU smile? Do YOU laugh?

I believe YOU can do anything YOU put your mind to...positively. Are YOU living your best life?

Yes, I believe in YOU.....do you believe in YOU?

Think about it....I describe...YOU decide!

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