Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What do you see?

Blind from birth? Are you blind? well, if you are reading this blog of course you're not (I hear you say or should I say think?) but could you be and not realise it? Hmm

Extract 1/3: 'And as Jesus passed by He saw a man which was blind from his birth' - King James Bible John Chapter 9 verse 1.

What do you see? Do you see yourself? Can you see those around you? Can they see you? Being blind from birth is a long time, it feels final. There may be areas in our lives that we just can't see, until an experience 'opens' up our eyes...you know...those 'Aha' moments.

The more we interact with different people - different to us in gender, age, race, ability, disability, beliefs, sexuality, language and location, then we really begin to see ourselves and  those we come into contact with. What do you see?

Extract 2/3: 'And His disciples asked Him saying 'Master who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?'- verse 2

Who sinned? In the world of Christianity, this is a big question to ask. There are many 'churchgoers' or 'bible readers who would have an answer to that question. 'Yep, it was the man, he did something wrong' or 'Oh! it's from birth, so it must be his mother' or It's his father because it all comes from the male lineage' or finally maybe 'They weren't married, so God has punished them'.  How often do we decide we know what's wrong by what we see?Who sinned? Who did something wrong? Have you? What do you see?

Extract 3/3: 'Jesus answered, neither hath this man sinned nor his parents; but that the works of God should be made manifest in him' - verse 3

Neither....Nor! So Jesus (Leader of the Free World) said no-one sinned! No one did anything to cause this man to be born blind. No-one! Many non believers would agree with that statement. It would seem silly to think that someone did wrong...wouldn't it? But some would. Think about a time when something went wrong...were you able to identify who had done wrong? What if no one did anything wrong but something still went wrong..is that possible? This may all seem simple and straightforward but how many of us do exactly that...blame and make decisions based on what we see? Is it based on what you think or what you know? Has anyone ever accused you incorrectly? How does it feel? Do you still feel emotional about it even if it is in the past? Have you let go? Can you let go? What can you see?

Made manifest. When I read this part of the extract, I had always believed that because Jesus had healed the blind man, that this was the  resulting 'works of God' being 'made manifest'. In this case it was (most probably) but what about everyone else who has these challenges in life, visible or non-visible? 

One day while watching TV, I saw a young man who had no arms, talking about his life and the challenges he faced on a daily basis. After his talk, the young man moved to another stool and began to sing a song he had written. He also began playing the guitar with his feet. I cried while watching this and the 'blind man' extract came alive to me in a 'new way'. Here was a beautiful example of the 'works of God' being made manifest in that young man. He triumphed over his physical, mental and emotional challenges. It showed me and all the viewers who were able-bodied, what can be achieved if we only believe.

He was made to be an 'overcomer'. He was born to be a musician. He was born to be a singer-songwriter. He is married and he has released an album of songs. This young man may not have achieved all this if he was not physically challenged. What do you see?

What are you doing with  your challenges? 
Are you overcoming or have you been overcome by them? 
What have you been born to do? 
Are you succeeding?
Are you inspiring?
Are you living? 
Are you being?
Do you believe?

You can read the full extract for yourself in John - Chapter 9 verses 1 to 7. I used the Kings James version of the Bible but you can find a version that suits you best...there's loads out there.

Have an insightful week.

I describe............You decide!

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