Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Chain of Events........Let us begin well.

Happy New Year to you all...it is 2013!

We've got 365 days to choose how we will use them.

Some of us have plans set for this year and the following number of years. Some of us have no plans and are not sure what will happen next.
(Well actually, none of us really knows what will happen next but we all hope for the best.....plans or no plans!)

How well did your the previous 365 days go? Did you have a plan?

I don't believe in good luck or bad luck BUT I believe in life with it's interuptions, lessons and trials that come to test or to stretch us, sometimes even to stop us......Chains of events that pull out our potential or our short comings giving us the opportunity to change, developing into someone better than we were in the previous slice of time - the old chains, the old year.

So, Let us begin well.

'Well' is whatever YOU decide is 'well'.

Now, we all know that it may make others unhappy when we make a decision. We cannot control how others feel about it but I would like to add, we should aim to do well without having to harm anyone else.

What is really great (i think), is when we can make a decision which not only benefits us but others too.

I would like to suggest creating a 'chain of events'.
Instead of thinking of resolutions or goals (which is the end game)and not achieve them.... why not create the chain of events that will lead to the resolution or goal being achieved at the earliest possible point. As my Mentor recently quoted 'with a chain of events, each stage is mapped out, so even if life interupts the flow for a moment, you can pick up from where you left off, no matter how big or long the moment'.

For example:
1. I want to write a blog for the New Year but also for the Old Year.
What do i do?
2. My blog will be called 'endings and beginnings'. I want to DeSkribe how well we end and begin a year.
I had planned to write and publish it on 31st December 2012.
3. The time i wish to write the blog crosses the New Year celebrations (a minor interruption).
What should i do?
4. Why not, Split my blog in two...? the portion on endings publish in 2012 and the portion on beginnings in 2013.
The links of the chain remain in the same order...write a blog; edit the blog; publish the blog; only the dates the actions take place now differ, some have been split in two.

Yes, it is a simple method but some of the simplest things in life always seem the most challenging to complete well (or is that just me?)

Just be sure that YOUR chain of events results in the resolution or goal that you were aiming for. Get someone to be your personal accountant (nothing to do with finances of course) to check with you from time to time, to ensure you are following your chain successfully.

We know these things but it is the doing that makes them empowering. All bloggers have plans (no doubt) but it is how we apply these simple methods everywhere else in our lives, thet reflects real success and empowerment.

Let us begin well and in doing so, end well.

Do you have a method for beginning well? Why, not share it with us?

I describe,,,,you decide!

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